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We're not just a magazine, we're a channel and that means shows of all kinds.. as many as we can make or find.


Love Life 2 with Dr. Babe: Double Standard 2

Strangers, Kirsty and Jermaine, discuss their perceptions about whether there is a double standard between men and women and how it affects their relationships. Sponsors: Caymans Luxury Retreats, High Impact Media, Design Studio, Cayman Cabana...

Love Life 2 with Dr. Babe: Woke

Season 2 is here!!  Our theme is 'Positive Gender Dynamics' and our first episode is 'Woke' Guests: Suzi Culbert & Craig-Anthony Jervis Good friends, Suzi and Craig-Anthony, discuss their perceptions of what positive masculinity and positive...

Possible Num Nums

Problem solving, collaboration and innovation - that's all at the core of the Destination Imagination program and here in Cayman, the Possible Num Num's are doing all three and then some.    The all...

Forks, food and friends

The Cayman First Classroom of the Month for June 2018 is... The Achievement Centre - Kindergarten 2 class. Emily Post once said, "Nothing is less important than which fork you use. Etiquette is the science of...

Future Employers in the Hot Seat

In our May 2018 Cayman First Classroom of the Month, we visit the Prospect Primary Annual Careers Fair and meet Year 6 students who are highly focused on learning about what lies years ahead. Each...

CIFEC’s Creative Artists take the April 2018 Classroom of the Month Award

Artwork designed not only to impress but to motivate. That's exactly what the Department of Environment was looking for when they decided to launch a new education program for the protection of the Marine...

Robots. Water. Yes!

Kids with pipes, electronics and strategy make learning fun at this year's SeaPerch Challenge at Camana Bay Aquatic Center. The program is the recipient of the Cayman First Classroom of the Month Award. We...

Bible Class at Grace Christian Academy receives Classroom of the Month

Our February 2018 Cayman First Classroom of the Month is the Grade 7 Bible Class at Grace Christian Academy.  Teacher Adam Gordon says he is consistently challenged and amazed by the creative thought and...

Savannah’s Morning Mile

Before the first bell rings, students at Savannah Primary are putting into practice the Morning Mile. It's a simple but highly effective start to the day. It gets their bodies and their minds moving...

The secret ingredient to success

What is the elusive recipe that leads to success in life? We think it can be found in the kitchen, Saturday mornings for 12 weeks at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman where the students...