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The show is a quirky look at all the things we didn't learn about in school, but impact our lives on a regular basis. Anything from what wine to drink with fish to coping with the loss of a loved one. The show follows host, Miriam Foster, as she enhances her adulting skills by talking to "Professional Adults" (any adult that seems to know more than Miriam about a certain life skill) and informing the audience with a Cayman perspective. Miriam apologizes in advance for her immature cheesy jokes, and hopes audiences find some takeaway tools that are genuinely helpful. If nothing else know that you are not alone and we are lost in this together. Send topic suggestions to adultingthestruggleisreal@gmail.com. Let's adult together!


Adulting: The Struggle is Real

Adulting - Pilot Show Adulting...on Purpose This show is dedicated to an amazing woman and supporter of all creatives, Karen Doran. Miriam Foster interviews Will Doran, Stacy Foster & Claire Ruby all at various stages of adulthood....