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Cayman Life Show

Living in the Cayman Islands is pretty darn great and that's why we do the Cayman Life Show each month. We focus on the people, places and culture of the islands with the unique flavour only a local can provide.


Extraordinary Adventures, Fashion Bootcamp, Carl Palmer and Club Havana

Extraordinary Adventures.. Suzy Soto talks about her late husband Bob Soto, Isy Obi goes to boot camp, a National Gallery of the Cayman Islands Double Feature including Carl Palmer and of course, Classroom of...

Agricultural delights, Slow Food Day and Cayman First’s Classroom of the Month

On Episode 4, Cayman's Ag Show makes a splash. Local children showcase their culinary skills.  A lifesaving gift from Health City Cayman Islands and.. sweet music at Sir. John A. Cumber Primary School. #welovecaymanlife.

Cupcake Wars, Restaurant Takeovers and Cleansing Carnival

Food, fun and community service Our features on the show this month... Cupcake Wars, Nadine Dumas' Restaurant Takeover, Gordon Solomon Cleansing Carnival and Cayman First's Classrom of the Month: Rotary Youth ACT.

Cayman Life is great!

On the Cayman Life show this month - making catboats, celebrating the big "40" with a Cayman icon, Cayman First's Classroom of the Month and what happen you add four cute kids, a video...

Heritage, Hats and Blooms

There is more than one aspect of preserving Cayman's heritage - this month we talk with Kem Jackson as he restores a catboat for the new Kimpton Seafire hotel. We also tag along as Denise...

Inspiration and Gratitude

Much of our focus on the show this month is about being inspired and  a spirit of gratitude. We learn about Miss Lassie's House, visit designer Isy Obi and experience Cayman Thanksgiving.  We're also...

Our very first Cayman Life Show!

Exploring life and happenings in the Cayman Islands - from the music of  Williamson Branch, a book about National Hero Sybill McLaughlin, the National Gallery Night Circus and Burnard Tibbett's "Written Treasures, this is...