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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Classroom of the Month

Each month, in partnership with Cayman First, we celebrate a classroom in the Cayman Islands. Its open to all schools and all you need to do is send in a nomination to classroom@caymanlife.tv.


CIFEC’s Creative Artists take the April 2018 Classroom of the Month Award

Artwork designed not only to impress but to motivate. That's exactly what the Department of Environment was looking for when they decided to launch a new education program for the protection of the Marine...

Robots. Water. Yes!

Kids with pipes, electronics and strategy make learning fun at this year's SeaPerch Challenge at Camana Bay Aquatic Center. The program is the recipient of the Cayman First Classroom of the Month Award. We...

Bible Class at Grace Christian Academy receives Classroom of the Month

Our February 2018 Cayman First Classroom of the Month is the Grade 7 Bible Class at Grace Christian Academy.  Teacher Adam Gordon says he is consistently challenged and amazed by the creative thought and...

Savannah’s Morning Mile

Before the first bell rings, students at Savannah Primary are putting into practice the Morning Mile. It's a simple but highly effective start to the day. It gets their bodies and their minds moving...

The secret ingredient to success

What is the elusive recipe that leads to success in life? We think it can be found in the kitchen, Saturday mornings for 12 weeks at the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman where the students...

A Lesson in Thanksgiving

Students at Cayman Prep give thanks by giving back at their Annual Harvest Festival.  They are the Cayman First November Classroom of the Month with good cause, bringing in donations that filled up a...

Eco Warriors are #FIRSTclass

The West Bay Eco Warriors are splashing their way into a greater appreciation of the beautiful marine environment in the Cayman Islands. They are the Cayman First Classroom of the Month for October. Congratulations to...

Something’s cooking and it’s not just candy

Our Cayman First Classroom of the Month makes culture and heritage a delicious experience.   We feature Ms. Kelcey Huggins' Year 6 class at Edna M. Moyle Primary School in North Side where the students...

Embracing Diversity, Discovering the Joy

When Kari Fraser wrote us to nominate Discovery Kids pre-school for the Cayman First Classroom of the Month, we had to see for ourselves what she meant.  Kari's son was born with a disability,...

More than talk!

This month’s featured classroom is all over the airwaves.  Each week, a diverse group of young people come together and provide a voice to the issues, ideas, dreams and concerns of today’s younger generation. The...