Saturday, July 20, 2024


The Cayman Islands are full of amazing people, incredible lifestyles and great stories to tell.  We decided to make a place for those stories to be told. Cayman Life TV is that place.

Our content is evolving every day. We welcome non-commercial content from independent producers and are happy to air it at no cost. Watch us on cable television on Logic Channel 33 and online here at  We also have a Youtube channel and are adding content all the time.  We believe in the diversity and beauty of life in the Cayman Islands and appreciate the chance to share it with all of you.  If you’d like to become a sponsor or donor, just email us at

Sponsors are needed

Our goal is to make it possible for all non-profits to air their content on this channel at no cost to them and even set up a fund for production services for work we can’t do ourselves.  Non-profits have important missions and stories that need to be shared. You can help make it easier for them to focus on the work and amplify their message.

Show/Content Producers

If you are a content producer and your work fits within the scope and technical specifications of our channel, we are happy to air it for free.  Just email us at or give us a call at 326-2961.

Commercial or Pre-Sponsored Content

If your work is commercial in nature or includes sponsorship information, we can air it on the channel for $300 per half hour per day with three repeats included.  That means you could have a weekly program on our channel for as little as $1200 a month and it will be shown 16 times at a minimum, not to mention infinite possibilities online.

The Rules (Yes, we have some)
  • No copyright protected material.
  • We reserve the right to say no to any content.
  • Graphics need to be title safe.
  • 720p MP4 files are easiest for us to work with.