Monday, March 20, 2023
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Sometimes we all need a place to reset our emotions

Theoline McCoy Primary School is the Cayman First Classroom of the Month for its impressive efforts to provide support to our students as they traverse the complex landscape of their emotions. Along with a sensory room, this primary school has also worked with teachers to set up their own tool-kits and calming spaces so students […]

Money Talks – John Gray Students are listening

With Cayman’s status as a global financial leader, ensuring our community is fluent in financial literacy starts with our students. And that is exactly what’s happening here at John Gray High School. Enjoy our latest edition of the Cayman First Classroom of the Month! #caymanfirst #caymanlifetv #caymanlife #educationcayman #iamjohngray

The Cayman First Classrooms of 2022

Each January, we like to reflect on the classrooms and programs we covered for Classroom of the Month the prior year. 2022 was an amazing year and we showcased diversity, creativity and lots of STEM. Enjoy! Thanks to our partner Cayman First and if you want to nominate a classroom, just drop us a message […]

A Celebration of the Life of Edward Solomon

Join us on Saturday, January 7th as we gather to celebrate the life of Edward Solomon, fondly known as Sollie.

“Save my spot, nah!”

(GIS) – The Cayman Islands Government and the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), launch a grass roots public education and awareness campaign to help the community better understand the equal rights and legal protection of those with disabilities – in particular, when it comes to accessible parking or ‘blue spots’. The “Save my […]

Parents and Schools Partnering for success

For a class to be successful, it’s not just about teachers, curriculum or students. It is also about what happens at home. Clifton Hunter High School decided it was time to bridge that gap, bringing parents into the classroom to work with each other and facilitators and giving our students what they need to succeed […]

Local skills, international challenge

This team is in a mad scramble to get their robot ready for battle.. because they’re taking the “Mangrover” to Geneva, Switzerland to compete in the FIRST global challenge. Meet our Cayman First, Classroom of the Month! #caymanfirst #caymanlifetv #classroomofthemonth #steam #mindsinspired #firstglobalchallenge

Geology Week..rocking their world!

In order to learn from the best, a group of educators leave their own classrooms for a rare opportunity… a chance to spend a day with renowned geologist Dr. Brian Jones as he shares his knowledge of the geology of the Cayman Islands, courtesy of Water Authority Cayman. We love the idea of teaching the […]

Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of Edith Elma Ebanks, MMG

Young Mangrove Rangers to the Rescue

With thousands of acres of the Cayman Islands Mangroves destroyed and many more at risk, what can a group of pre-schoolers do about the problem? Meet our latest Cayman First Classroom of the Month featuring the Mangrove Rangers. #caymanlifetv #mangroveducation #mangroverestoration  @MontessoribytheSea   @Cayman First Insurance   @Cayman Life TV   @The Cayman Islands Mangrove Rangers ​