Friday, January 22, 2021
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If you have passion for what you do, you can change lives.


 An experienced and passionate teacher leads her students to honor roll success.  Principal Daphne Ellis says Ms. Imogene Sams has been teaching for decades, yet she comes to class each day with energy and enthusiasm which in turn, inspires and motivates her students. Congratulations Wesleyan Christian Academy for a job well done. #firstclass #caymanfirst #caymanlifetv #classroomofthemonth

Caymanian, Ah Wah?


This CLTV Feature aims to educate, celebrate, and connect through the understanding of colloquial words & sayings.

Dwene Ebanks discusses the Caymanian word featured on the Cayman National Museum’s social media: KRISS.

Thanks Dwene for helping us learn more about Cayman culture! “Language is more than just words…it’s a culture, a tradition, a unification of community…” Noam Chomsky

Thanks Sean Hennings and Quincy Brown for providing the lovely tunes as we unite through verbiage!

HE The Governor Message for the Children


A special Christmas message this Christmas Eve for the Children of the Cayman Islands from His Excellency, Governor Martyn Roper. Have a very merry Christmas everyone!

New Curriculum… no problem.


Each of our classrooms has a unique story to tell and this month, Savannah Primary is in the spotlight. Hard working. Determined. If you ask the students, they’ll say there’s nothing special about what they do.. but we beg to disagree! During our observation, students were challenged yet rising to that challenge something their teacher says is par for the course.

Congratulations to Carol-Anne Rouse and her Year 5 students – The Cayman First, Classroom of the Month.

Back in Action!


These Year 5 kids at Sir John A. Cumber Primary are happy to be back in school (mostly). It’s been an adjustment but they are rolling up their sleeves and working together on the journey to the next phase in their educational journey. Meet the Cayman First Classroom of the Month for October 2020!

Bob Daigle Memorial Service


Cayman Life TV Launches New Logo


Cayman Life TV Channel 33 is proud to debut its new logo and the first sign of exciting things to come.

In an age of fake-news and polarizing content, we renew our pledge to be the community channel for the Cayman Islands and will amplify our reach in 2020. We aim to be a voice that honours the culture and heritage of these islands; while celebrating the diversity of the 130+ countries represented.

It will educate, inspire, and chronicle the amazing stories taking place within the country and around the globe.

A new dawn for local media: a wave of information accessible where and when you want it.
Stay tuned Cayman!

Mango Monday – yes!


Much to my delight, the Market at the Cricket Grounds hosted a very cool event celebrating this year’s bumper crop of mangoes. You won’t believe all of the incredible products that can come from mangoes and this event helped showcase everything from shakes to marshmallows to skin care products. Pretty Cool!!

All photos are courtesy of Lydia from Powder Monkey @powdermonkeycayman. This event is just another amazing example of what I love about Cayman Life.

Embracing a tough challenge


Cayman Brac, if you don’t already know, is home to some of the Cayman Islands most skilled masters of debate and persuasion. On this edition of Classroom of the Month, we take you back to their most recent demonstration of those skill – shot pre-Covid 19 – and celebrate their talent. We know we’ll be hearing more of them to come. #firstclass #caymanfirst #classroomofthemonth #caymanlifetv

Delightful touches


Let’s start with setting expectations – my iPhone photography skills aren’t exactly stellar so they don’t come close to showing just how delightful the decor is in this Seven Mile Beach condominium for sale by Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands Realty. CBCIR is a member of CIREBA, the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association.

When I walked into this Silver Sands’ unit, I was pleasantly surprised at just how bright, open, and frankly how stylish it is. The owners worked hard to keep positivity and island vibes throughout while utilizing the space to its best.

Perfect spot to enjoy the ocean breeze.
Cozy couch and art that connects your love of the beach with all creature comforts desired.
Adorable entry way – clean and fresh.

Some of the more mature condos on 7 mile Beach offer access to the most beautiful beach on the island but their design sometimes leaves a bit much to be desired. This has the best of both. Be prepared for sea turtles during the season.

These owners used light colored tile flooring to open up the space, lots of sisal and beach accents and hidden storage. The overall effect is instantly relaxing and soothing.

Sisal to the left, tile to the right.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the actual beach outside, because I was so enjoying the vibe of this two bedroom townhouse style unit on the second floor of the complex. The property has gorgeous mature landscaping too.

Patio Succulent wall
Bedroom reading nook

Some of the little things that made me feel at home – a comfy reading chair in the bedroom next to a carefully curated library of books. No more. No less than needed.

I also adored the succulent wall on the patio, which added some highlights of green which were repeated in the cozy kitchen although with all of the order-in options from the Seven Mile Beach corridor, who needs to cook.

That said, don’t get me started on the Pinterest worthy spice rack in the black brick style backsplash that just happened to tie in to the black and silver appliances.

I went home with a profound sense of appreciation for the joy found in these delightful touches it seems to me that beachfront living is about more than the beach so why not create an environment that celebrates and embraces that feeling of a sheer stress relief when you walk in the door.