Sunday, September 24, 2023
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A Good Show

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Andeen Sanderson

Join us on Saturday, August 19th 2023 at 10:00 am as we celebrate the life of Andeen Sanderson.

Read, Grow and Inspire

For students at Prospect Primary, literacy is about more than books and for this year’s “Reading Week” the approach took on a variety of forms. Cayman First is proud to recognize Prospect’s efforts and has chosen to feature this initiative on our Classroom of the Month! Congratulations to all involved. #caymanlifetv #caymanfirst #caymanclassoom #caymanislands

Circle of Love

A group of women determined to make a difference surround our children in a circle of love, hosting an annual breakfast that showcases their talents and builds self esteem. Congratulations to the Circle of Love Women’s Ministry for their work earning them the Cayman First Classroom of the Month! #caymanfirst #caymanlifetv #supportingouryouth

Bronze, Silver and Gold

This year’s participants in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme say it is an amazing experience, teaching skills, building relationships and creating life long memories. Congratulations on your journey! Cayman First Classroom of the Month, 2023.

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Walk to Water

An important part of our education is developing and cultivating a sense of empathy.

From Boyz 2 Men

Our Cayman First Classroom of the Month features the Boyz 2 Men programme – which provides mentoring and support for high schoolers as they make the journey from boyhood to manhood. #caymanfirst #caymanlifetv

Sometimes we all need a place to reset our emotions

Theoline McCoy Primary School is the Cayman First Classroom of the Month for its impressive efforts to provide support to our students as they traverse the complex landscape of their emotions. Along with a sensory room, this primary school has also worked with teachers to set up their own tool-kits and calming spaces so students […]

Money Talks – John Gray Students are listening

With Cayman’s status as a global financial leader, ensuring our community is fluent in financial literacy starts with our students. And that is exactly what’s happening here at John Gray High School. Enjoy our latest edition of the Cayman First Classroom of the Month! #caymanfirst #caymanlifetv #caymanlife #educationcayman #iamjohngray