Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Cayman Life TV Launches New Logo


Cayman Life TV Channel 33 is proud to debut its new logo and the first sign of exciting things to come.

In an age of fake-news and polarizing content, we renew our pledge to be the community channel for the Cayman Islands and will amplify our reach in 2020. We aim to be a voice that honours the culture and heritage of these islands; while celebrating the diversity of the 130+ countries represented.

It will educate, inspire, and chronicle the amazing stories taking place within the country and around the globe.

A new dawn for local media: a wave of information accessible where and when you want it.
Stay tuned Cayman!

Delightful touches


Let’s start with setting expectations – my iPhone photography skills aren’t exactly stellar so they don’t come close to showing just how delightful the decor is in this Seven Mile Beach condominium for sale by Coldwell Banker Cayman Islands Realty. CBCIR is a member of CIREBA, the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association.

When I walked into this Silver Sands’ unit, I was pleasantly surprised at just how bright, open, and frankly how stylish it is. The owners worked hard to keep positivity and island vibes throughout while utilizing the space to its best.

Perfect spot to enjoy the ocean breeze.
Cozy couch and art that connects your love of the beach with all creature comforts desired.
Adorable entry way – clean and fresh.

Some of the more mature condos on 7 mile Beach offer access to the most beautiful beach on the island but their design sometimes leaves a bit much to be desired. This has the best of both. Be prepared for sea turtles during the season.

These owners used light colored tile flooring to open up the space, lots of sisal and beach accents and hidden storage. The overall effect is instantly relaxing and soothing.

Sisal to the left, tile to the right.

I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the actual beach outside, because I was so enjoying the vibe of this two bedroom townhouse style unit on the second floor of the complex. The property has gorgeous mature landscaping too.

Patio Succulent wall
Bedroom reading nook

Some of the little things that made me feel at home – a comfy reading chair in the bedroom next to a carefully curated library of books. No more. No less than needed.

I also adored the succulent wall on the patio, which added some highlights of green which were repeated in the cozy kitchen although with all of the order-in options from the Seven Mile Beach corridor, who needs to cook.

That said, don’t get me started on the Pinterest worthy spice rack in the black brick style backsplash that just happened to tie in to the black and silver appliances.

I went home with a profound sense of appreciation for the joy found in these delightful touches it seems to me that beachfront living is about more than the beach so why not create an environment that celebrates and embraces that feeling of a sheer stress relief when you walk in the door.

Can’t stop this feelin’


So maybe that’s a slight rip off of another song, but when I saw these Christmas photos, I felt exactly the same way I do when I hear ol’ Justin with his sunshine in his pocket.

On Monday, the Cayman Youth Choir sang their hearts out in a torrential downpour at Government House – some 400 people showed up for the event, hosted by HE the Governor, Mr Martyn Roper and his wife, Mrs Roper. Let’s just say – the rain couldn’t stop the exuberance of these young voices.

Photo Credit: Simon Allnut

His Excellency is with me on this, telling GIS . ” …just as the children from Cayman Youth Choir began to perform, the rain began. Yet they carried on performing Christmas Carols in the rain. As their sound system was hurried away for safety reasons, they sang even louder.”

“I think it showed such Christmas spirit and the atmosphere at Government House, despite people huddling together under shelter to keep dry, was fantastic. A lot of planning goes into these events but the weather of course can’t be controlled. This is one event I won’t forget in a hurry! Well done to all the children and Naomi Allnutt, who carried on conducting despite the downpour.”

Sometimes I think we forget about the “Merry” in Christmas. These photos re-aligned my attitude and now I’m singing along with them.

Mango Monday – yes!


Much to my delight, the Market at the Cricket Grounds hosted a very cool event celebrating this year’s bumper crop of mangoes. You won’t believe all of the incredible products that can come from mangoes and this event helped showcase everything from shakes to marshmallows to skin care products. Pretty Cool!!

All photos are courtesy of Lydia from Powder Monkey @powdermonkeycayman. This event is just another amazing example of what I love about Cayman Life.

Embracing a tough challenge


Cayman Brac, if you don’t already know, is home to some of the Cayman Islands most skilled masters of debate and persuasion. On this edition of Classroom of the Month, we take you back to their most recent demonstration of those skill – shot pre-Covid 19 – and celebrate their talent. We know we’ll be hearing more of them to come. #firstclass #caymanfirst #classroomofthemonth #caymanlifetv

Hope leads to success during Covid 19


It all happened really fast. One day, the administration and staff were discussing theoretical options for a Covid 19 all distance program and the next, they were implementing one. Here is how its working from the perspective of students and teacher. Congratulations Hope Academy our Cayman First Classroom of the Month. #firstclass #hope #caymanlifetv #caymanfirst

Hospitality never goes out of style


Before Covid 19, the hospitality industry in Cayman was booming.

When the novel coronavirus swept across the across the world – borders closed and the tourism industry here felt the blow. When will we recover? Here’s what we think. Having been around these islands for a while, Cayman offers something special for visitors. It always has.

More than fine dining and sun and sand, a major part of the appeal of these islands is, and has always been, the people and the hospitality we offer. So when things settle down and the virus is under control, we believe Cayman will be at the top of the bucket list for many families who’ve spent months sheltering in place.

While we are sad to see so many of the industry’s expatriate workers leaving to go home during the pandemic, we can’t help but feel a sense of relief that young Caymanians were being trained in the industry just before this all hit. Talk about an investment in our future.

Congratulations to all of the students, present and former, of the UCCI School of Hospitality Studies as well as their instructors and mentors. And thank you Cayman First Insurance for supporting education and our students all across the Cayman Islands. #firstclass #caymanfirst, #caymanlife

47th Commencement of the International College of the Cayman Islands


On Sunday, February 23, 2020, the International College of the Cayman Islands (ICCI) held its 47th commencement ceremony at the Marriott Resort and Spa to celebrate the Class of 2019. In addition to honouring its 23 Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate degree candidates, the college also launched its Golden Year of Jubilee Celebration: 50 Years of Excellence in Higher Education in the Cayman Islands.

The graduating class, the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, families, and friends were elated to have the Governor of the Cayman Islands, His Excellency, Hon. Martyn Keith Roper bringing congratulatory remarks during the evening’s proceedings. Presiding over the graduation ceremony was ICCI President, Dr. Byron Coon who was joined on the platform by President Emerita Dr. Elsa Cummings; Chairman of the ICCI Board of Trustees, Mr. Wayne McManus; the Governor of the Cayman Islands, His Excellency Hon. Martyn Keith Roper; Ms. Lyneth Monteith, Deputy Chief Officer of the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture & Lands who brought congratulatory remarks on behalf of the Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, and Dr. Aleza Beverly, Dean and Chief Academic Officer.

The student speaker for the Class of 2019 was Mr. Steve Miller, a prison officer at Her Majesty Prison Services and awardee for the highest overall grade point average (GPA) in the Accounting Concentration in the bachelor’s degree Program. Steve shared highlights of his tenure at the college, including shared memories with his colleagues, and how ICCI had honed his skills as a professional. He also noted he has set his sights on continuing his master’s degree at ICCI.

Both Master’s degree students, Ms. Sindiso Mhlanga and Ms. Cathrine Welds had the distinguished honor to introduce the keynote speaker, Mr. Ormond Williams, Managing Director & Principal Consultant of OAWilliams Consulting, former President and Director of Cayman National Bank (CNB) and one of ICCI’s Board of Trustee member. Mr. Williams’ address brought words of wisdom, and best wishes to the graduates, but also served as a reminder of the critical role each graduate, now alum, plays in giving back to the college which helped them achieve their goals.

Class of 2019

The ICCI degree candidates of the International College of the Cayman Islands Class of 2019 are:

Master of Science in Management, Human Resource Concentration: Sindiso MhLanga and Cathrine Welds

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Shelly Brooks and Tyana Walton

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting Concentration: Germaine Ebanks, Steve Miller, and Kimberly Watler

Bachelor of Science in Office Administration: Pauline Brown Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies: Manesa Webb

Associate of Science in Business: Nataliesha Bennett, Stacy-Ann Bernard, Drean Ebanks, Jodeesa Hamilton, Tashae Lawson, and Vanessa Scott-Banks

Associate of Science in Business, Accounting Concentration: Sherryl Edwards and Jacob Wood Associate of Science in Business,

Finance Concentration: Sushana Brown and Daniel Spence

Associate of Science in Business, Information Systems Management Concentration: Doran Kelly and Sidney Terry

Associate of Science in General Studies: Paullete McField and Joelyn Scott

According to the college, 19 of the 23 members of the Class of 2019 are employed as of today; two of the remaining four students are full-time students and one retiree. Of those employed, four members of the Class are Cayman Islands Civil Servants and another four members are employed with Cayman Islands Statutory Authorities.

On behalf of the Class of 2019 and the college as a whole, we say thanks to all our corporate investors who continue to support our students so that they may have access to the type of education that makes our graduates successful in the marketplace.

According to our Primary and Excellence Commencement Sponsor for the past four years, RBC Royal Bank (Cayman) Limited, “this class is a testament to the excellence and quality of education students can attain at ICCI and we wish all graduates the greatest success in their future endeavours.” RBC went on to congratulate ICCI in its Golden Jubilee year, “50 years of educating leaders, change-makers and persons who make our islands a better place to live, work and raise our families”.

Learn more about the International College at

Verbal Judo at its best


Some of the islands best debaters come together to compete in the Conyers Interschools Debate Tournament. Our Cayman First Classroom of the Month showcases a program that provides young people at all local schools with an opportunity to exercise their ability to argue skill-fully and with decorum. Congratulations to all the students who participated in the tournament and a special shout out to Chair Ian Whan Tong for his passion and hard work.

I cried.


Today, we shared three videos at the Cayman Heart Fund Heart Heroes Brunch at Pappagallo’s. The first two are the stories of survivors – but the third, is the story of a heart angel. Nolan Evans didn’t have a very long life, but his parents Ailian and Sean and big sister Ashlyn, are ensuring that his legacy is one of providing love and support for other heart families.

It’s hard to feel their loss but that’s okay. The loss of a child is hard and while their pain is deep, so too is the power of their gift in his memory.

They have worked hard – hosting the Heart Warriors and Heart Angels walk on Seven Mile Beach, the now annual Kids Fest at Pedro St. James and using those funds to increase public awareness and help families with children born with heart defects to pay for the myriad of expenses that nobody ever expects.

Please take a moment and watch their story and if you are able, contribute to Team Nolan and the Cayman Heart Fund. These families are going through incredibly difficult experiences. We can help take a bit of that burden away so they can focus on what matters most – their children.

I want to express personal thanks to His Excellency the Governor, Mr. Martyn Roper who comes out to these events when he doesn’t have to and provides support and encouragement to the Cayman community. It matters. And to Suzy Soto, who just never gives up on ensuring the stories of all of our heart heroes are shared.

Visit for more on how you can support!!

Colleges Week 2020


It’s good to know what your future will look like. Thanks to a collabration between Cayman Academy, the Youth Services Unit and Home Gas, these students at Clifton Hunter High (as well as those at several other local schools) got a chance to see what colleges have to offer and the options available to them when they leave high school.