The Phoenix Zone and All Things Cayman

Phoenix is an aspiring 11-year-old Caymanian Musician, Artist, Athlete and Now Content Creator on Youtube and Facebook.  

His show, The Phoenix Zone and All Things Cayman showcases all of the awesome things that the Cayman Islands has to offer from local businesses, organisations, events and our natural environment.

The Phoenix Zone and All Things Cayman airs on Cayman Life TV (Logic Channel 33) Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. each week. Follow Phoenix on Facebook and subscribe to his YouTube channel for all the latest content!

In June 2022, Phoenix composed his first jingle on the Ukulele for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations.  He later composed his first full song, “Greener Grass”.  Performing in the National Song Competition at Pirates Fest, the Hard Rock, Cayman Cabana, the Westin, National Children’s Festival of the Arts, Red Sky at Night and Taste of Cayman.  In 2023, he released his first music video for his original piece “Island Boy”.  He is also part of the music group, “Kids in Cayman”.