Wednesday, April 24, 2024


We believe the Cayman Islands are the best place to live on the planet.  As a recovering journalist and television news anchor, I bring a unique set of marketing and promotional tools to help buyers and sellers come together.

As a Caymanian/American, I also love sharing the Cayman Lifestyle with others, so we’ve created an entire TV channel – online and on Logic’s Cable TV System – Channel 33 – showcasing the people – the events – the homes and neighborhoods that make Cayman Life so amazing.


On this website you’ll find videos about the people, places and spaces of the Cayman Islands.  We love sharing all aspects of Cayman Life – our history, heritage, culture and our future. That’s why you’ll find a mix of content here, what Caymanians might call a “rundown.” We’ve also provided information on properties for sale, and we will be continually adding content to help inform your decisions. We are always willing to discuss how we can assist, whether you are buying or selling a property.

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