Sadly, we can’t all live on Seven Mile Beach and as the country has become increasingly developed and waterfront properties cropping up at an incredibly rapid rate, there are valid concerns about whether Caymanians and residents will even have a window to the sea – let alone a way to access the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that make these islands such an attractive destination to live, work or play.

In truth, the Government of the Cayman Islands and the Planning authorities have designated public beach access areas across all three islands but those access points have sometimes been a bone of contention between property developers and owners and the public at large.

Earlier this year, the Cayman Islands Ministry responsible for Lands announced the 2017 Beach Access Report, a countrywide survey identifying official beach access points, photographing them and compiling them into a directory in an effort to ensure that all of us know how and where to access the beach.

The Ministry also formed a Public Lands Commission (PLC) and today, the PLC announced it has begun the process of improving signage.    On August 24th, the PLC said the first set of newly designed signs had been installed across Grand Cayman.  Let’s go the beach!

By the way, did you know there are 108 registered public rights of way to the sea in the Cayman Islands– 108 in Grand Cayman, 3 in Cayman Brac and 10 in Little Cayman. Want to know where they are?

Check out the 2017 Beach Access Report at and on the Lands and survey Department website at

If you have questions or comments (and even complaints about getting access at any one of these points), email