Future Employers in the Hot Seat


In our May 2018 Cayman First Classroom of the Month, we visit the Prospect Primary Annual Careers Fair and meet Year 6 students who are highly focused on learning about what lies years ahead.

Each year, Prospect Primary throws open its doors to students from other area schools – for a massive careers fair with real employers from a wide variety of industries.  Students prepare for weeks in advance – developing questions to ask each company so on the big day – they can get the low down on the kinds of jobs that are out there for them in the future.

The event is a lot of work to put together but it provides students with the opportunity for interaction, dialogue and even a little fun.

Principal Matthew Reed says the fair is about a lot more than what professions they’re interested in today, its about opening their minds to the opportunities, goal setting and providing the “why” for “what” they do in school every day.

Our congratulations to Miss Roeena McEachron’s Year 6 students. The Cayman First Classroom of the Month.


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