He’s Back! Introducing the Bridge with Ben Meade.

So now, its election season for real.

it didn’t take too terribly long to woo political reporter Ben Meade back on the air and can we say, Phew!   It only took the rapid approach of one of the country’s biggest elections in history to convince Mr. Meade to dust off the jacket and put on his anchor face.  

If you’ve watched any broadcast television election coverage in the past decade or so, you now that nobody does political coverage like Mr. Meade.  (Mind you, he’s wooing us with incredible coverage in the sports arena at caymansportsbuzz.com as well).

The Bridge with Ben Meade is a Sands Production and promises weekly online interviews and updates through the election season (and hopefully beyond).  We’re big fans of the Sands guys and their Geezum TV on Facebook, so you can catch The Bridge with Ben Meade on Cayman Life TV as well.