Before Covid 19, the hospitality industry in Cayman was booming.

When the novel coronavirus swept across the across the world – borders closed and the tourism industry here felt the blow. When will we recover? Here’s what we think. Having been around these islands for a while, Cayman offers something special for visitors. It always has.

More than fine dining and sun and sand, a major part of the appeal of these islands is, and has always been, the people and the hospitality we offer. So when things settle down and the virus is under control, we believe Cayman will be at the top of the bucket list for many families who’ve spent months sheltering in place.

While we are sad to see so many of the industry’s expatriate workers leaving to go home during the pandemic, we can’t help but feel a sense of relief that young Caymanians were being trained in the industry just before this all hit. Talk about an investment in our future.

Congratulations to all of the students, present and former, of the UCCI School of Hospitality Studies as well as their instructors and mentors. And thank you Cayman First Insurance for supporting education and our students all across the Cayman Islands. #firstclass #caymanfirst, #caymanlife