Something’s cooking and it’s not just candy

Our Cayman First Classroom of the Month makes culture and heritage a delicious experience.

We feature Ms. Kelcey Huggins’ Year 6 class at Edna M. Moyle Primary School in North Side where the students are learning how to make what they call “heritage foods.”  In this month’s feature, they are cooking up a batch of coconut drugs under the watchful eye of Ms. Blonde.

Ms. Huggins says the students look forward to the programme every week.  “It’s been great,” she says.  “They are always counting down to it. The program has just been really fantastic for them.”  She describes the Heritage Arts programme as crucial.  “We have to make sure that we are passing our culture and our heritage on.”

The programme is operated by the team at Cayman Traditional Art.  You can get more information by visiting their facebook page.

Special thanks to the Cayman Turtle Centre for partnering with Cayman First to provide a free lunch for the winning classroom.