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You can be good, or you can be great!

Our classroom this month provides insight into a number of things. Cayman’s schools are graded by the Office of Education Standards and the mark of a good school is its motivation to continually strive to improve. That’s the story at John Gray High School. When the OES said they needed to make a stronger connection between numeracy and other subjects, the team put their heads together and kicked off a new numeracy initiative.

Cayman Life was there for the launch and we have to say, it was a pretty good time. The program launch included music, a photo booth and a logo that pops up across all subjects when numeracy and math are used. Congratulations to the John Gray High School Numeracy Initiative for their innovation making them, the Cayman First Classroom of the Month.

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April Cummings
April Cummings
April Cummings epitomizes energy and creative service in all aspects of her life. She grew up here in Cayman and has intimate knowledge of the people and places of the islands. Along with her work as a content creator and founder of Cayman Life TV, April is also the News Director at Radio Cayman.


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