What the heck is a referral?

How referrals work

(and why its good for your wallet)

Hi all! When it comes to sales of any kind (and real estate is certainly no exception), personal referrals are much coveted. Why? Because referring someone to me specifically, means you trust that I will treat the person you’re sending my way with respect and honesty. And once I’ve earned a commission, a referral is a way to say “Thank you for sending business my way.”

As a member of the Cayman Islands Real Association (CIREBA), we follow the industry established guidelines which allows us to reward referrers (that’s you) with 10% of the commission we receive. It’s not a requirement to pay referrals (and some agents don’t) but I believe that spreading the love matters.

If you don’t want or need a referral, that’s okay too. I’ll be happy to make a donation to the non-profit organisation of your choice or use the proceeds to help create more local control on the Cayman Life Channel. If you need more info or have questions, I’m happy to answer them.


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