Young Artists Swap Phones for Hammers to Build Resiliency


Our Cayman First Classroom of the Month takes us to 3 Girls and a Kiln- where students exchanged their usual devices for hammers🔨 nails, string, & paint!

What are those creative minds engaged in? Art, of course 🎨.!

Art creation can be a power tool for resiliency-building, especially when many teens feel uncertain about the future and disconnected from their peers.

It provides an outlet to reflect, express, & share ideas.

It’s also a chance to be mindful & focused while still being provided with opportunities for connection with peers and instructors.

Scientific studies show that students exposed to art gain increased confidence, improved communication, and enhanced cognition and critical thinking. A review by the World Health Organization of over 3,000 studies in 2019, also identified the importance of art to good health.

Thank you @3girlsandakiln for providing parents with a safe outlet for their children to build vital life skills & @caymanfirst for helping us highlight it! #classroomofthemonth #communityfirst #caymanfirst #caymanlife #caymanlifetv


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