Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation Invites Nominations for 2017

The Young Caymanian Leaders Foundation has opened the nominations process to find finalists for the 2017 Young Caymanian Leadership Award.

YCLF Director, Chris Duggan says it is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on those exhibiting leadership qualities that will inspire the next generation.

“By developing our youth, we are investing in our own futures,” he says.  “It is critical that we identify them, harness their skills, promote their efforts and encourage them to continue to do what they have been doing and at the same time, show others, this is what you can strive to be as well.”

The YCLF is encouraging everyone on the island to identify a young Caymanian who they think personifies leadership in these islands and nominate them for the 2017 award.  Mr. Duggan says the organisation’s aim is to highlight their strengths, to promote them and encourage others to cultivate the qualities of leadership and community which have made the Cayman Islands such an incredible country.

Each nominee’s candidacy must be vetted from a number of different perspectives to meet several key criteria, all of which combined describe a well-  rounded young person who demonstrates strong leadership skills and the ability to serve as a role model to Cayman’s youth. Among the qualities sought are outstanding moral character, personal and professional achievement, volunteerism and community involvement, and a strong overall commitment to mentoring young people.

2016 recipient Brianna Wilkerson has certainly lived up to those values, spending her time to date, speaking with young people and the value of finding and fulfilling their life purpose.  “It has been an incredibly rewarding experience and enriching in ways I did not expect,” she says.  “I am honoured to be chosen and feel a strong sense of responsibility and renewed energy to share what I’ve learned on my journey with others, and to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders.”

She encourages everyone to identify leaders and nominate them before the July 31 deadline.

From the submissions, five are chosen as finalists and on November 4, 2017 at the Kimpton Seafire Resort + A, one will become 2017 recipient.

Anyone who would like to make a recommendation can download the nomination form at or email us at for details.



About the Young Caymanian Leadership Award

The Young Caymanian Leadership Award was created to identify and honour young leaders who serve as role models for the youth of Cayman. Nominations may be made by any organization, business or individual in the community.