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Hon. Joey Hew Meets Ministry Staff

(GIS) – Minister of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure, Hon. Joey Hew this week began officially meeting staff in ministries he has responsibility for by visiting some of the departments located in the Government Administration Building and elsewhere.

So far Minister Hew has visited the Computer Services Department and the E-Government Unit in GAB. He also visited the Facilities Management Department to meet the staff and took a quick tour of GAB. Out of GAB, he visited the Public Works Department (PWD), the Department of Vehicles and Equipment Services (DVES) as well as the National Roads Authority (NRA) where he also received an update on the ongoing work on the Esterley Tibbetts Highway.

CSD group – At Computer Services Department, Minister Hew explains his intent to the IT Governance Team: l-r Director Simon Spiers, Systems Manager Mark Ebanks, Deputy Director Rexford Whittaker, Ministry Chief Officer Alan Jones and Ministry Deputy Chief Officer Tristan Hydes

Mr. Hew said in the coming weeks he plans to visit and meet the staff of the remaining ministry departments, followed by the members of authorities, boards and committees.

Addressing staff at each entity, the Minister noted that often times, with a new Government, the focus is on carrying out the mandate of the Elected Government. He reminded the staff of the civil services’ responsibility to provide “a safe, comfortable and harmonious environment for the average citizen”, through the provision of government’s services.

Additionally, he emphasised that within his ministries, instead of departments functioning in isolation, displaying a “silo mentality”, his focus would be on the different entities working together and supporting one another as a cohesive unit for the betterment of Government as a whole.

At DVES – L-r: Department of Vehicle & Equipment Services (DVES) Director Richard Simms, Minister Hew and DVES Fleet Manager Ernest Ebanks

He commented that during his meeting with all the heads of departments, there was already a lot of synergies and ideas emerging about centralising their focus as one ministry. In this regard, the plan is to hold senior staff retreats twice a year to identify common goals and synergies, he added.

PWD staff express their appreciation.

At the NRA and PWD, Minister Hew also told the staff that the public takes their work for granted when all goes well but quickly notices when something goes wrong. He assured them that the Government “is very aware of your work and are very grateful.”



April Cummings
April Cummings
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