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OT Leaders Meet in London

(Office of the Premier) LONDON – Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin, along with Minister Roy McTaggart and Minister Tara Rivers, on Tuesday attended a pre-Joint Ministerial Council gathering of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association with leaders or representatives from the Overseas Territories, including Bermuda, Gibraltar, BVI, Montserrat, Anguilla, Falkland Islands, St. Helena, TCI, Tristan da Cunha and Pitcairn.

Cayman Islands Representative to the United Kingdom Eric Bush and Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin at the UKOTA meeting on Tuesday.

The first plenary session was “Brexit, a Global Britain”, where the OTs discussed matters of concern around Brexit, which were to be discussed with the UK.

OT Leaders also noted the need for the UK to accept that as British Territories and British citizens the OTs should be accepted and treated as part of the new Global Britain vision and in so doing have full recognition that OT citizens are in fact British.

Leaders also discussed the wider scope of the relationship between Overseas Territories and the United Kingdom including matters to be raised at the next JMC meeting in November, including the transport needs of the more remote Territories as well as development funding needs of some Territories.

The third session on Tuesday focused on infrastructure development and assessing the OT’s allocation of the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund.

Tuesday night the Premier hosted a reception for Caymanian students studying in London and the Friends of the British Overseas Territories (FOTBOT) at the Cayman Islands London Office where he discussed the impact of Brexit to the Overseas Territories and made special note that the Cayman Islands and other Overseas Territories ‘need all the friends they can get right now’.

A reception for Caymanian students studying in London and the Friends of the British Overseas Territories was held Tuesday night at the Cayman Islands London Office.

At the FOTBOT reception Mr. McLaughlin thanked the group for its continued support and advocacy of the Overseas Territories, each of which is diverse, unique and a special part of Britain.

The Premier specifically thanked Andrew Rosindell, MP who was also attending, for his work promoting and support over many years of the Cayman Islands.

He also encouraged the students and young people at the reception to get involved in championing the Cayman Islands while they study in London and welcomed them to the reception.

Meetings continued on Wednesday with UK officials on Brexit.

April Cummings
April Cummings
April Cummings epitomizes energy and creative service in all aspects of her life. She grew up here in Cayman and has intimate knowledge of the people and places of the islands. Along with her work as a content creator and founder of Cayman Life TV, April is also the News Director at Radio Cayman.


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