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Saturday Night Live in George Town

Nothing like music and food to bring people together and that’s exactly what organisers of Saturday Night Live in George town aimed to do this Summer.

On Saturday, 3rd August, the waterfront event offered tapas from a variety of food vendors with offerings like Cayman-style beef with breadfruit nachos and delicious gelato. We’ve posted a gallery of photos courtesy of Government Information Services below.

 Saturday Night is the brainchild of George Town Town Manager Colin Lumsden, a George Town Revitalisation Initiative under the Ministry of Commerce, Planning and Infrastructure.

Mr. Lumsden says the event just a part of the plan to bring life and vibrancy back to the capital. who explains the event is just one part of a strategy geared towards bringing life and vibrancy back to the city.            

Speaking about the overall initiative to revitalize the capital, he says the project’s priorities include an emphasis on sustainability and quality of life which includes promoting walkability and connectivity for people. Mr. Lumsden would like to see a greater diversification downtown with mixed-use zoning and affordable housing and transportation options to people.

And – there’s more to come… the next event, a live Street Food Festival, will take place on Saturday, 21 September from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Cardinal Avenue.

April Cummings
April Cummings
April Cummings epitomizes energy and creative service in all aspects of her life. She grew up here in Cayman and has intimate knowledge of the people and places of the islands. Along with her work as a content creator and founder of Cayman Life TV, April is also the News Director at Radio Cayman.


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